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I like humor, who doesn't?

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Today there was a best of Chris Farley which I've probably seen three times now however it never gets old and it MUST be watched. Everyone knows his SNL classic skits; The Chris Farley Show, Matt Foley (the motivational speaker), Bill Swerski's Superfans otherwise known as Da Bears, Lunch Lady Land, and arguably the best SNL skit ever Chippendale's dancers with Patrick Swayze (if you want a good laugh here it is). I was watching the best of Chris Farley with my dad and we both pretty much died laughing. Its strange how different things are funnier to different degrees depending on who you are with. With my dad SNL and slapstick comedy becomes magically funnier, however when we watched The Hangover together (this was my second time) something was missing. Whereas me and my brother lost our shit when "little carlos was jacking his little wenus" my father and I simply chuckled and continued the movie in relative silence.

Beyond the idea that the company around you effects the relative "funniness" of humor, is the fact that humor is extremely subjective. Take for example my mother who finds her husband and her three children to be funnier than any stand up comic. Or my lack of interest in "Family Guy" which never ceases to produce dramatic gasps from fellow teenagers. And lastly my opinion that 30 Rock is one of  the top 5 funniest shows ever made, which again always gets met with gasps. In fact, its this love for 30 Rock which spawned my senior quote, as well as the title for this blog.

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When people read Tracy Morgan's line they either burst out laughing, or looked at it in confusion, trying to find some deeper meaning. Another example of humors subjectivity was when me and a couple kids made shirts that just said "Colledge", senior year. I got the idea when this girl wrote "write colledge essays" in her agenda. I read this, bursted out laughing, and told her not to bother with those essays, she had this college thing in the bag. This then became the name of our dodgeball team (for a high school tournament) which like my senior quote, made our competitors laugh or squint in confusion. One kid facing us asked if we simply just "supported college". No I said its funny because its spelled wrong (things aren't funny if they have to be explained). He uttered an "oh" and then the dipshit proceeded to beat us in the finals. Did I mention that same kid also got a 1420 on his SATs?  Funny stuff.

Humor is subjective, but also it is a critical for socializing as well expressing ideas and emotions. Its not really a surprise that the people I like the most are the people that subsequently make me laugh the most. We're friends because we share similar interests but more importantly we share a similar concept of whats funny. However sometimes humor can get you in trouble, especially during first impressions. I find it necessary to tone down my sarcasm to a minimum when meeting new people. Sometimes they love it, but other times they take offense to things which were never intended to be hurtful. Humor can be used to express emotions too. Mine tends to be purely self-deprecating. My favorite example being a poem I wrote in 10th grade about what a non-bad-ass I really was:

Me in 10th grade with my brother Alex, laughing of course
I like to live dangerously 
N64 maybe a bit of taboo
You honestly just don't have a clue
Don't mess I might explode
Uhhh! Why won't Halo load?
You see that baby over there? Shes mine
0-60 in three minutes flat
Red Volvo station wagons are where its at
Risk follows me wherever I go
I'm a global domination Pro
Lifes hard in the BCCC (Bent Creek Country Club)
Straight up gangsta's where ever I go
Oh my god I forgot to comb my poodles fro! (We have a Standard Poodle, her name is Cordelia) 

My parties are bumpin' too
We got soda and can stay up till two!
If you see me on xbox live better step aside 
A lot of noobs didn't a lot of noobs died
I'm just kidding i'm pretty much bluffin 
In fact my mother calls me MUFFIN

THERE I'm finished! No more blogging ever! To all of my zero followers we had a good run...If you got anything out of this I hope it was to "Live Every Week Like Its Shark Week"-Tracy Morgan.

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