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Ghost Adventures

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I like Ghost Adventures because it blows my mind.

During this television show three "paranormal" investigators go to "haunted" locations where they spend an entire night. During their lock-down, voices are heard, doors are slammed, and aberrations are caught on video. These investigators come equipped with the tools of the trade; EMF detectors, Static Night Vision/ Infrared Cameras, Digital Recorders, and many other strange devices that apparently aid them as they probe the unearthly.

Do I believe it all? Of course not, however some of the things they find are compelling and never cease to give me chills. Take for example their investigation of the Waverly Hills Asylum. A door slams shuts in front of the crew (link to video), after they get over their immediate shock they walk into the room to investigate, finding no rational explanation for the slamming door. Apart from simply trying to catch paranormal occurrences on site, they also attempt to communicate with suppose entities. They accomplish this by recording the audio in real time, or they use a device called a spirit box which interprets incoming signals and converts them to phonemes (don't ask questions just believe!) . In theory this device allows spirits to communicate, and sometimes they get significant responses to the questions they ask (example here). There are many episodes when nothing very significant happens yet two in particular really gave me the chills.

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The first one occurs at a southern plantation where slaves practiced dark rituals as well as voodoo. During this episode they brought voodoo objects into the slave quarters in an attempt to produce some paranormal activity. The crew was stunned, and frightened when both their ears and their instrument pick up disembodied chanting. The chanting got louder and louder until it reached its apex and died away. This event was enough to leave the crew shaken and naturally they were reluctant to provoke the energy around them any further. Another episode had a similar effect on the crew, however the energy contacted there was more direct, and seemingly more malevolent. This episode takes place at Bobby Mackley's Music Hall where the Ghost Adventures crew always seems to return. They believe this place to be haunted by evil entities, so during this investigation they invite a bishop to accompany them. At first the crew receives no activity, greeted only by an eerie silence. This all ends once the bishop steps into area, vocally intent on performing an exorcism. Upon his entrance their instruments jump to life and the spirit box greets the bishop with a taunting hiss "Hello Bissshhhop".

I like this show so much because I love being scared, but also I find its content particularly thought provoking. What is making these voices? What is draining freshly charged batteries? What is moving objects and slamming doors? And most importantly why? Are these people in some form or another sill there? Is their energy recycling itself, reproducing past episodes? The frustrating fact is their paranormal escapades always produce more questions then answers.

"I see your Schwartz is as big as mine." Found Here

When I talk about this show as well as similar topics I approach it with a healthy skepticism. This is because mostly my mind is grounded in the rational, convinced by empirical data, and science. However with this show I throw my preconceived notions aside and willingly immerse myself in its strange realm of possibilities. I do this partly because its so much fun, but also because its interesting to ponder the strange energies that pervade these places. I have to admit that these things make me believe something akin to what the Jedi believe (Yes, I believe in Star Wars. I'm just as bad as the people from my first blog).  I think there's some sort of force that binds and connects all living things. And to different degrees, people can feel and tap into that force. All things are just energy vibrating at different frequencies, and to take a line from therymodynamics "energy cannot be created or destroyed" it is simply borrowed and one day you have to give it back. Maybe life is about what you can do with this borrowed energy before time beckons its return

With the heavy stuff aside, and as your attorney, I strongly advise EVERYONE to watch Ghost Adventures. I look forward to all the mind blowing

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