Thursday, November 25, 2010


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Oh, bloging...Honestly, this whole blog-writing thing isn't as easy as all those morons out there blogging make it seem. Then it hits me, if all those morons are out there blogging away and I can't blog ("blog" is now, apparently, a verb as well as a fair phonetic rendering of the sound of vomiting) then what kind of moron does that make me?

A special kind of moron. That's what

I've managed to turn something that was suppose to be fun and easy into the hardest project of the year. The depth and complexity of my previous topic proved too much for my freshmen writing ability. Sadly, my ambitions were greater than my skill. This project was supposed to by easier (lies!). However, desperation mounting, I'm staring at a blank page with the cursor flashing in and out of existence. What the hell am I gonna' do?

Probably, at this exact moment, thousands of people across the country are clacking away at their keyboards, turning their thoughts about the "Star Wars" film franchise, or the "Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative" into blogs because of an unwarranted yet unwavering belief that other people at their computers want to read those blogs. Why they would I have no idea. For that matter why would anyone read this blog, what makes my introspection so keen?

In times of frustration like these I turn to one thing and on thing only, The Who. More specifically it's almost always the song "I've Had Enough" (Link to Song) which has one of my favorite opening lines of all time;
 You were under the impression
That when you were walking forward
That you'd end up further onward
But things ain't quite that simple

Its lines like these that become this strange catharsis for me. The Who manages to articulate my feelings through its lyrics, guitar, drums, and bass. Its almost like Pete Townshend was writing these songs with me in mind. Take for example the song "Misunderstood" (Link to Song) which manages to sum up my feelings of insecurity in high school;
Just wanna be misunderstood
Wanna be feared in my neighborhood
Found Here
Just wanna be a moody man
Say things that nobody can understand

I wanna be obscure and oblique
Inscrutable and vague, so hard to pin down
I wanna leave open mouths when I speak
Want to people to cry when I put them down

I wanna be either old or young
Don't like where I've ended up or where I've begun 
I always feel I must get things in the can
I just can't handle it the way I am

The song is too long to be repeated in its entirety however lyrics can be found in the the next link (link to lyrics).

Found Here
Its great to find something that speaks to you. I think its these things that can tell you a lot about a person. What they like is a sort of window into who they are. I like The Who for its inexhaustible song library that I can relate to on countless levels. And lets not forget the fact that they rock harder then most bands ever. WAIT! Hold the phone, do I detect a blog theme? Not a blog solely on The Who (however what a grand blog it would be) but a blog on why I find these songs meaningful. WAIT AGAIN! How about a blog on what things I like and why I find them meaningful?! The Who, you've done it again.

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